“Technology” enables women to partner in development

Leaders and academies have confirmed that technology has become a real means of empowering women in many societies, some of which impose certain restrictions on women’s work and exit from home, pointing out that women have achieved great successes in a short period of time

“Technology has become a means of empowering women,” said Dima Al Yahya, Saudi Arabia’s first woman leader and first female leader. “We saw work from home and work remotely and how to save dozens of jobs for our Saudi girls “Technology has created challenges for innovation and creativity, so we must begin to instill trust in women,

Abizaid: I was scared when I entered the first Saudi board of directors all men, but with the encouragement that I found from all and insistence overcame my fears. Women are keen and able to print, and there are 60% of men apply for jobs that are not qualified for them, unlike women do not progress but qualified qualifications “We want to be a positive working environment in which women and men are involved in giving and empowering; to become successful business partners rather than being competitors,” she said.

The statistics show that 57% of university students are women, and empowerment programs are directed at the majority of women. On the job level, women are more productive and disciplined. This means that Saudi women live in their golden age.

Technology has increased the participation of women in the labor market, especially in remote areas where women suffer from problems of mobility and employment, and the Saudi government has strengthened this trend through support for self-employment and e-employment,


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