Closed-circuit television

Our company offers indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that work day and night. And all the cameras provided by the company with high quality with the possibility of sound recording and remote video surveillance of all sites at the same time.


Attendance and departure system

Our company also offers attendance and departure devices that work with fingerprint, fingerprint, employee card and numbers. In addition, these devices can print attendance and departure records for all those entering and leaving the building.

interface digital technology

Electronic gates and parking barriers

Our company offers entry and exit control system to secure shops and offices either using the same attendance devices or separate devices. We also offer parking barriers to ensure that your parking is free from another vehicle and remains reserved for you. Reserved sites and electronic gates can be monitored with motion sensors and surveillance cameras for follow-up.

Entrance to a modern underground car park
Robber holding vintage padlock

Burglar alarm systems and sensors

Our company designs the best wired / wireless security system for your needs. Whether the security system is as large as a commercial location or as small as a user in small housing units, we can guarantee you an appropriate burglar alarm system. The system includes motion sensors, heat sensors, door sensors and glass breakers.


Fire alarm system

Our company offers fire alarm systems that provide you with peace of mind as well as exceptional after-sales service such as maintenance and how to use the system. These regulations are a necessity and one of the requirements for any commercial site. This does not preclude its presence in the residential sector, since many houses contain either a burglar alarm system or a separate system. Our company offers fire alarm systems and other non-authorized.


Alarm system

The designated fire alarm system is considered more reliable than the conventional system because the system can quickly determine the location of the fire. The system can also be programmed by the user (when a specific action occurs, a specific response or warning will be triggered).

The system entitled to deal with false alarms better can. Finally, the total cost of the system is considered less than the cost of the unregulated system.

Unauthorized alarm system

The company provides an uninsulated fire alarm system that divides the building into groups as each group contains fire detectors such as smoke detectors, fire and heat detectors. These detectors are connected to a control panel with hand-held communication devices such as a glass break button. In the event of a fire, the control panel will detect it either automatically (sensors) or manually (communication devices) will launch a siren.