Network scheme, stationary and wireless equipment

Infrastructure and Maintenance

The company works on all types of internal and external networks, whether the network for voice communication, data transmission or visual communication. The company will ensure the best structure of cables using the highest standards and best brands. In addition, the company will ensure the customer a smooth and positive network.

Wi-Fi and slide support

We also provide signal reinforcement solutions throughout the building according to customer needs after inspecting the site and then selecting the appropriate equipment. This service will be used with devices used to turn weak signals into strong signals for SIM card, mobile phone and Wi-Fi connection.

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Telephone systems and intercom

We also install central central systems. Where the company provides the centrals Alnlouk – Digital – BPX – IP. These systems are used in residential and commercial buildings alike. The company also provides intercom devices which can operate independently or can be connected to the central network.

Link sites and Internet connection

The company offers the best ways to connect and connect P2P sites using the best available devices. This technology is used in the public and private sectors to connect branches to departments, to link computer programs, data, video communication and voice communication (VOIP). The company offers direct Internet access services known as DIA.

Central shower systems

The company also designs, installs and maintains satellite cables and specially designed devices and distributes them from one central location to multiple display locations to avoid a large number of individual dishes on the roof. This service is suitable for different types of buildings such as hotels – residential buildings – offices – hospitals anywhere you need more than one TV receiver using one central satellite.

Public Address Systems

Our company is designing, supplying, installing, testing, maintenance of various types of sound systems such as microphones, loudspeakers for broadcasting sermons, prayers, entertainment events, telemedicine, indoor advertising such as airports, schools,


Nurse recall systems

The company also provides flexible and safe systems to call nurses used in hospitals – health care institutions. This system combines the use of applications and programs that send messages and communications to the nursing station.

Central clock systems

Our central clock system sends the correct time to all other clocks connected to it to be synchronized with high accuracy. Any quantity of watches can be added within the system. Of the benefits of central clock Adjust the employee’s working time – Maintain records at the right time – Enhance production efficiency in the workplace. This system is easy to implement – easy to use and able to synchronize time throughout the site of any size.

Audiovisual systems

The company can provide you with audio visual systems such as LED screens, projectors, interactive panels, video conferencing, plasma, speakers, microphones, recorders, video and audio control systems.