Google Deletes from App Store “Google Play” Application Whats App Messenger

If you are a Whats app user you can now delete the message sent by mistake before it is read by the recipient of the message, under the delete everyone This feature is one of the most claimed features of users over the past period and is now officially available under WTSP release events 

The new feature allows you to delete specific messages that were sent by mistake within a single chat, group, or : individual chat But before moving to the new feature, you should know 

 –   When you delete a message before reading it from the other party, it will be replaced in the chat with a text alert “This message has been deleted

–  You can delete an erroneously sent message after the first seven minutes of sending it and before seeing it from the recipient of the message, and if it is 7 minutes from the message, you will not be able to delete it

–  The sending and receiving party must use the latest version of the WTSAP application to take advantage of this feature

– The recipient of the message may be able to see it before you delete it, or if the deletion does not succeed for some reason, such as not using the latest version from the other party

– Sending an alert to you if the deletion is not successful for everyone 

Feature not available to all users

  • -To delete a message on Watts before reading it from the other party, follow these steps

Scroll to the chat that contains the message to delete 

-Press and hold the message (you can select multiple messages at once) 

-pressure the Delete icon at the top and choose “Delete All” 

-To delete only a message, follow the same steps and press “delete “



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