The first Saudi initiative to interact with a project Neum

The launch of the largest investment project presented by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman under the name of “ Neum “, in which the robot is more than human beings, according to his description – the Social Responsibility Club at King Saud University and the colleges of knowledge and with the support of businessman Hussam bin Abdulrahman al-Saleh launch the first Saudi initiative interactive With the project   The initiative is a session to spread the culture of robotics technology, including  )Knowledge, programming, handling, maintenance), and qualifying the participants at the headquarters of the knowledge colleges in Deraa and through trained trainers in this field and create a generation capable of dealing with the robot in line with the aspirations of His Highness and his steps in progress in all areas

The first session will be launched today, and will be accompanied by the practical application of a number of robots from international companies and includes decoding, installation, maintenance, programming and interaction

It is expected that this session will find a wide reaction to the rapid progress of this country, as it is the first educational session in the Kingdom, and that it will contribute to educating young men and women in this important field.

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