10 Important Tips Before Hiring a Surveillance Camera Company

Dear Customer If you are installing the surveillance cameras in your company, factory, home or business, no matter what I give you these tips to reach your best control system:


  • Based on the companies of surveillance cameras with long experience in the field of surveillance systems and ask them to technical preview to provide the best means to suit the nature of the place you have.
  • Stay away from the phantom companies that filled the web pages.
  • Ask for real warranty on all components and ask for replacement warranty.
  • Ask for a periodic maintenance contract for your monitoring system and compare it with other companies.
  • Know your rights and duties towards the monitoring system to avoid the “use defect” when a component of the surveillance cameras is damaged.
  • Provide a suitable power source for the monitoring system so that the company can provide the best way to feed the system properly, as the disadvantages of electricity are the most dangerous things in the intelligent control systems.
  • Ask about availability of spare parts at the company and how long it should wait to change the spare part if damaged.
  • Ask about the technical support of the company and make sure they are real experienced people and not what they repeat phrases and information as long as we heard about them.
  • Ask for a legal agreement that guarantees your rights throughout the warranty period and maintenance service after the warranty period ends.
  • Finally, make sure that the surveillance cameras company you contract with will be sure that they have a long standing in the field and not those who walked behind and took surveillance cameras as a way to earn a living without consideration, which will result in subsequent damage.
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