Panasonic KX-TES824 – Hybrid PBX System

سنترال باناسونيك (KXTAES824)

Is a relatively large central center. Central Panasonic’s idea is to connect internal lines to the device location. The product control of these lines is based on the programming that is recorded on the system.

Benefits of Panasonic Centrals:

These exchanges allow computers to communicate and communicate with each other with all sources of information and data.

The consumer is able to fully control the management of the place or its branches whether this place is a company, factory, office and whatever distance between these branches.

Was spread in the late nineties and achieved significant sales because of the spread of the project of private exchanges, and is still the central most popular among most users because of its price and diversity of possibilities suitable for the purposes of a wide range of companies and institutions medium.

We offer you the most powerful offers in the company, “Al-Jil Al-Arabi”, we are an authorized distributor for all original Panasonic products with agent warranty. The Panasonic Central Display (KXTAES824) includes: 3 initial capacity + 8 internal lines, expandable up to 8 external lines + 24 internal lines 7 standard telephone devices and 1 main device.

Panasonic Central Properties (KXTAES824):

Integrated with the autoresponder / DISA greeting card.

The Caller ID card can be installed for external lines.

The intercom 4 system can be installed as a dorfon (doorphone) + 4 kalon door.

easy to use.

Suitable for villas and small and medium enterprises.

We have specialized engineers with long experience and previous work.

Our services reach you wherever you are

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