Avaya Digital Phones

سنترال أفايا (Avaya)

Avaya is a leading company in communications applications and services. Over the past 100 years, Avaya has been a competitor to major telecommunications companies in the world.

Avaya is a system for the management of telephone exchanges and call center systems through the technology of IP Telephony, a modern technology that allows you to connect telephone lines in your company with the rest of your company and make it one company or through a fixed land line and one side without the need to request lines Telephone in each branch, enabling you to reduce your expenses.

The Avaya system relies on the distribution of voice calls to internal branches.

Avaya systems manage incoming calls in an organized manner and directly control incoming and outgoing calls to and from companies.

The duration of outgoing or incoming calls is controlled, calls are blocked from certain sub-lines, incoming or outgoing phone numbers are controlled, some are rejected and others are accepted.

These systems are connected to the Internet so that the internal system of the central system is programmed to comply with the accounts (e-mail), networking sites and so on.

This center allows you to hold company meetings with employees by contacting the internal branches and opening calls so that you can have an extended meeting via the internal phones associated with the company employees.

Avaya features:

Works on efficient communication between the manager and company employees or factory workers.

Provides the huge amounts that can be spent on creating multiple lines within the company.

Central Avaya can receive 600 external lines to the main branch and distribute these lines to more than two thousand internal lines, enabling it to be one of the largest systems to facilitate the communication and receive a large number of incoming calls and distribution of calls to customer service staff arranged and organized , Thanks to this giant inner center.

Arab Generation Company is an authorized distributor for all Avaya products.

SD memory card

Original power cable

Original metal wall hangings

6 digital digital transfers

Number 2 Analog

Number of 4 external lines Trunk Line

1 large screen phone model

Number of phones in the screen 1403

Integrated with the autoresponder card “welcome message”

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